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Office No 2 & 3 askari cement factory road, Aliabad, Wah

Phone:(+92) 311-825 482 2


Are you ready to join us as Volunteer? We welcome to you at Nayl Welfare Trust.

Our Causes

We serve humanity from the poorest parts of Pakistan

We offer solutions for self-sustainability as well as providing long and short-term relief aid, education and medical care to the poor and vulnerable.

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Our Core Objectives

  • Free Dental Care
  • Free Food
  • Cool & Clean Drinking Water

dental00Due to high levels of poverty in Pakistan, a vast majority of the mass population have no access to proper dental care. Most people cannot afford treatment for basic tooth problems. Private dentistry is not cheap and only serves the elite class of Pakistan.

For the vast remaining population the only affordable dental treatment comes from roadside dentists that operate in the side streets and back alleys of most towns and cities of Pakistan.

One of the first projects we actioned was feeding the hungry. This is an issue which affects millions of starving people every day and something we in the west take for granted. Our food project helped many people. There are 925 million people living in absolute hunger. At Nayl Welfare Trust we focus on providing food and nutrition aid to families and communities in Pakistan under our langar programme.

Clean drinking water is the basic necessity of all human beings. Under extremely hot temperatures many people particularly the poor find it immensely difficult to find Cool Water to alleviate their thirst.

The Nayl Welfare Trust has placed water coolers in areas accessible to local people to bring clean and hygienic water to the people. Giving safe drinking water is a form of Sadqah-e-Jaria..